Author Visit Information - Sonja E McGiboney

Jazzy's books are intended to inspire young children to read.  Originally written to house the thousands of photos I took of Jazzy, the books have morphed into concept based stories.       

Traditionally, an author will submit their work to an agent, that agent will then find a publisher that fits and an illustrator to bring the words to life.  This process can sometimes take up to two years.

Normally, I am a patient person, but a few queries to agents with no responses led me to seek other avenues to print my book.  I found a company that prints brochures and manuals and since they knew my daughter, they said they'd be happy to print my book.  

My books are 8x10, soft cover books of about 24 to 28 pages.  Each page contains a color photograph with text along the bottom.   Now that I have a few books in my house, how do I get them to the children to enjoy? 

That is my goal.  To share my work and create more books. 

What can I do for you and your school?  I hope that I can inspire children to read, to think creatively and to see that one closed door only means you have to find another door that opens. 

For K-5 my presentation will be more about the creative writing process. I would start with stories and photos of my dog and how I started writing the books.  I will go through the process of how I organized my ideas, (storyboards) and what worked or did not work.    

For 6-12, well honestly, teenagers scare me and I'm not sure what I could say to them that would inspire.  Perhaps I can speak more about my photography with them, running a business or that you are never too old to switch gears and start something new. 

Speaking of new, I am a beginner in the presentation process. My Fee for a local presentation (within the Hampton Roads Area) would be minimal.  For outside the 757 area, I would have to fold mileage and hotel (if needed) into the price.  Please contact me to set up details. 


Thank you.



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