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My fee: 

I base my fee on a schedule of $150.00 per hour  ($175.00 per hour with assistant) with special pricing as described below.   What you pay for? In a nutshell, you are paying for quality photos, experienced photographer, top of the line equipment, and all the images I take in digital format with print rights. (For more details on my pricing) For all events except weddings, the posted fee is based on the average time spent getting those types of pictures.

WEDDINGS: When you call to get a quote, please provide me with a good estimate on how long your wedding day will be from the first photo I take (usually getting ready with hair, makeup and dress), to the exit from the venue. I understand that planning is in the beginning stages and things will change. I am flexible that way, but please note that if the wedding goes on for one or more hours past the agreed upon time, and you wish me to stay; I will charge you for the extra time. My travel time is not charged unless the venue is more than an hour away. I do not do packages, I like to keep it all simple and easy. So figure out how long your day will take and give me a call if you think the price is right. I require a $150.00 , non refundable, retainer to hold your day. This fee is applied towards your balance. Fees are due on the wedding day but can be paid in advance. No images will be provided until payment is made in full. 757-871-5085

Please note that if your wedding is a large event (more than 75 guests, more than 8 people in bridal party,  or there is travel between church and venue)  an assistant will be utilized to make sure your day is captured in full.

A gallery of wedding photos

NEWBORNS/ BABIES:   $300.00 I will come to your home with all the backdrops and lighting that I need. I like to use items that are important to you in the photos, your blankets, head bands, outfits, etc, but I can find interesting props if given enough time. A baby session can last anywhere from 2 hours to 4 hours depending upon how asleep or awake your child is during the session.  

A gallery of babies

Preparing for a baby session

PORTRAITS: This includes high school prom photos, graduation photos, corporate headshots and any other small group portraits. The sessions usually run about 1 to 1/12 hours. For $200.00 you will get an online gallery of proofs from which you can choose 10 of your favorite images for me to do detailed editing.

A gallery of portraits

PETS: Our furry friends are so much fun to photograph. I have a dog and love taking her photo. There is no telling how long a pet session will last since it’s all up to them but generally it's about an hour.   

A gallery of pets

A typical pet session

EVENTS:   $150.00 per hour.  Please estimate the approximate amount of time as accurately as possible. 

A gallery of event photos

RESTORATION:  Usually takes 1-3 hours.  I have done a lot of projects in the last 25 years which called for me to fix old photographs.  Photoshop is a powerful tool but it can't fix everything, but I can certainly try.  I will take your photo and copy it so I will never work on the original. Then, according to what you need, I will remove tears, noise, coffee stains and maybe even restore missing parts.  This is very  detailed work but rewarding.  I will keep track of how long I work on the photo and give you a total when I am done.  My fee for this is $50.00 an hour.

A gallery of before and after photos.

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