Sonja Mcgiboney - Sonja E McGiboney

Sonja McGiboney  spent her childhood in Stowe, Pennsylvania.  She obtained an undergraduate degree in piano pedagogy from West Virginia University and started her masters degree in music therapy at Temple University.  Instead of getting her MMT, she got her MRS.  After marrying (the MRS) Dale, becoming an army spouse of 25 years, traveling to Germany twice, having two wonderful children, Rachel and Ryan, and working at Ferguson in Newport News for 11 years, Sonja is now retired and living with Dale in Smithfield, Virginia. 

In March of 2015, Sonja and Dale adopted a puppy.  Jazzy's mama was rescued from a shelter, and two days later had nine puppies. Jazzy and her brothers and sisters were looked after by Critters4u Rescue in Hampton, Virginia until she was eight weeks old.  

Sonja started her career as a photographer while following her son around to downhill mountain bike races.  With her love of clicking, she proceeded to click thousands of pictures of Jazzy in her first year. 

Thus, "Growing Up Jazzy" was born.  Family and friends liked the book so much, they urged Sonja to create more.  

Sonja's books are meant for beginning readers. She has published five books so far: Growing Up Jazzy, Counting Down Jazzy, ABC Jazzy, Little Red Jazzyhood and Jazzy Time.

She is currently working on: Jazzy Explores Smithfield, Jazzy Colors and Jazzy Friends. 

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